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Products customers will use everyday.

We are excited to announce our new Washdolly Display!

Fill it with a bit of everything, personalize it to the feel of your store or your target market with the following Collections:

Bold Collection

Boujee Collection

Bouquet Collection

Yin & Yang Duo

Safari Duo

Charmed Collection (coming soon)

Enjoy filling the display with our seasonal Special Edition Gift Bags as well.

* signage is subject to change.

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Practical Gifts Your Customers Will Use Everyday!

At Washdolly we provide products your customers will love! They make you feel good when you wash your face, help you with bathing your baby and sooth their plugged nose. They keep spots and spits off your glasses, your puppies happy and bring subtle beauty to your eyes. We don't scream from the mountain top, "reduce disposable waste!" We just smile as your customers enjoy and share our products with their family and friends. 

Although, we have been known to sneak up to the top of the mountain yell "yippee!"

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Washdolly Christmas Mini Gift Bag

Red velvet and organza gift bag with mini bag

Christmas Mini Bag Gift Edition

A great gift at Christmas for friends and family, a special teacher, bus driver or care giver.

Washdolly Christmas Charm Mixed Pack

Red velvet and organza gift bag with Christmas charm

Christmas Charms Edition

The perfect stocking stuffer or save for unexpected guests at Christmas.

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The Washdolly Vision

Instead of just being in your Store we want to be part of your Store. We can do this by the colours and textures of our packaging. Our goal is to blend with the personal touches you add to your store.

Magnetic Accent Lashes

Confidence, Anytime, Anywhere: Boost confidence effortlessly with our Magnetic Accent Lashes. Perfect for daily wear, weddings, parties, or any occasion that calls for a touch of glamour.

They are also great for lash lovers who have short lashes, appreciate comfort, dislike glue, like to sleep on their face, love to wash their whole face and need to have them perfect all the time.

Try just one set of lashes

Your customers may just want to try the magnetic lashes to see how they look and feel before adding more options. Our single packs are perfect for this.