Dance Washdolly Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth SMALL CORAL

Dance Washdolly Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth SMALL CORAL

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Surrender to this skin solution...

  • reusable
  • great for travel
  • natural, no stain barrier 
  • Lasts about 1000 washes
  • practical gift idea
  • packaging used for storage when travelling
  • 5 uses before washing

Selling Point : Dance Washdolly makeup remover cloth was designed  for dancers, its smaller size (15x20cm) is perfect for small corrections and dries quickly for storage and transport.   When wearing extra makeup for performances or competitions just wet cloth with a little more water and hold on face longer. Makeup will transfer to cloth easily and leave skin clean.

To exfoliate: use cloth in its damp form.

Care Instructions:

No fabric softener...because it may cover magic grip.

No hot water... because they will wear out faster.


Comes with POS signage and staff samples.  We believe that once your staff tries any Washdolly product they will be able to testify to amazing results.  Let us know how many you need in the notes section at checkout.


You shift you shine 🌟