New Product from Washdolly

New Product from Washdolly

This is what you"ll receive:

1 Set Persian Magnetic Lashes, 1 Set Ragdoll Magnetic Lashes, 1 Washdolly Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth (30x30cm), 1 Application Instruction Card.

~Why Magnetic~

My Magnetic lashes gives you an alternative to "glue-on" and "extension" lashes that have gained considerable popularity over the last few years. Lashes which were once use primarily for dance, drag, or evenings out has become an addition to our daily makeup routine. The reusablily benefit will save you time and money. With proper care these lashes should last a long time. You will probably loose one before they wear out. Please lay your Washdolly cloth below your application area to prevent loss. In addition, we recommend that you don't sleep in your lashes for this same reason.

~What is the difference?~

Persian Version: Lashes are further apart, suggested daily wear.
Ragdoll Version: Lashes are thicker and horizontally longer so you can gently bend them to fit the curvature of you eye, suggested evening wear.

The lashes are made of silk and ferromagnetic metal. The recommended short version of how you apply the lashes is as follows:
Apply favorite mascara. Place lash on bottom eyelid. Close eye.
Place the second lash on top of your eyelash.
Move lash until magnets connect. Squeeze between fingers to secure and position.

Would you like to watch a how to video?

One of the reasons why we invite you to wear mascara is because the magnet is situated in the middle of the lash and the ends may come up. The mascara helps to keep the ends down so it is best to apply My Magnetic Lashes when mascara is tacky. Depending on your lashes and the shape of your eye this may not apply to you and you can skip the mascara. If your lashes are longer and you feel they blend well but are light in color you may want to consider having your lashes tinted if you don't want to use mascara. Tinting usually lasts about 30 days and is fairly inexpensive.


Please Note: There is a learning curve and it is different for everyone. Make sure you use your Washdolly and place it below your workspace to catch fallen lashes because you will drop them as you are learning to put them on. We recommend practicing before you decide to put them on before work or an event so you don't get frustrated.


Washdolly's magnetic lashes are half lashes and are meant to enhance the corners of your eye creating the "pretty eye". They have a different look then lash extension or traditional glue-on lashes. If you are looking for full and bold these may not be for you. Having said that, if you regularly get lash extensions the magnetic lashes are great for filling in gaps between fills. You tend to loose the outer corners first so these will compliment your extensions.


Along with learning how to put them on you'll want to find your sweet spot. Every time you put them on, take note of where you placed the bottom lash on your bottom eyelid. TIP: You can gently bend the base of the lash to help fit the curvature of your eye. The Ragdoll version especially because it is a little bit longer and easier to bend. Be careful not to bend too much or the magnets will lift off the base.


Any issues with the lashes please instruct your customers to the website or email: for exchanges.  If you accept a refund due to a manufature's defect then we will replace the lashes. We care about our connection and have the same goal of satisfying our customers. 


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