About Us


#You shift you shine

Washdolly, est in January of 2015, is a Canadian business run by a family in the town of Peace River, Alberta.

Washdolly is a company inspired to create products that make life a little easier while encouraging environmental thoughtfulness and feel good emotions. All our products are reusable, which reduces disposable waste and contributes to a brighter future. 

Why did you call you company Washdolly?

When you look up the history of washing online, up pops 'washing dolly,' a tool used over and over again to make it easier to clean clothes. ¬†Washdolly, a cloth you can use over and over again making it easier to clean your face. It removes makeup and exfoliates with just water ūüí¶.¬† The beauty of this cloth is it's super soft so when you add warm or cold water (depending on your desire) and hold it on your face for a moment it becomes such an enjoyable moment.

One you'll want to revisit everyday.  

Hay! That's a great idea, products that create easy, enjoyable moments everyday.

With three girls in the home, removing makeup was a daily ritual we have now made easier and pleasurable. The idea was to eliminate makeup removers and have the convenience of cloths in each bathroom for easy access. We care for the environment and for our skin. This cloth replaces chemical makeup removers, their bottles and disposable makeup remover products that end up in crowded landfills. Its unique material exfoliates in its damp form which works amazing for dry Alberta lips. Our research paid off which lead to the large, small and colourful 
Washdolly Makeup Remover & Exfoliant Cloth.
 Washdolly and warm water promises a feel good moment with each use.


 We gave some thought about Babies...

The Baby Boogie Butler!  Inspired by my sister-in-law, who has four grandchildren. Washdolly has introduced a cloth that grips and removes boogies a.k.a mucus as well as prevents the sore, dry, red noses of babies created by colds. Prevention is the key here. Washdolly's soft grip will not irritate the skin like wipes or tissues.  Your baby will welcome it's softness and not turn away.   The Baby Boogie Butler will reduce disposable waste and last about 1000 washes.

Magnetic Lashes  

My Magnetic Lashes!  Inspired by the lack of eyelashes as a result of menopause.  They are like great hair extensions for eyelashes.  A reusable 1/2 lash, also known as accent lashes, that enhances the look of the eye in a natural way without using any harsh glues. You can wear your lashes together for a fuller, bolder look. The lashes are surprisingly light and include a large Washdolly Makeup Remover and Exfoliant Cloth so that you can enjoy the benefits of both.

Washdolly White

We are finding more practical uses for this amazing material. The Washdolly White is a lens and screen cleaner. We have a hard time keeping it in stock.

Bow Wow Puppy Towel

This multi-purpose towel cleans your dogs paws, cleans goo from their eyes, gently washes wounds, great for a ride in the car, a wonderful comfort blanket and a fast towel to dry after a refreshing bath! It comes in a reusable bag with a functional clip.

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

   Alexa continues to sell and promote Washdolly from Calgary.  She graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary in 2018 and now holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance. Currently, she is teaching dance in Airdrie, Ab.  It was her inspiration of the Dance Washdolly cloth that has brought us great success in the dance world. Having it made as a smaller version (15x20cm) made sense for travel and easy correction that is useful in her dance world.  

Who more than dancers needs a cloth like this?

  Our second daughter McKenzie, created our logo and contributes regularly to our graphic and design department. We value her keen eye and fresh perspective. She will be completing her fourth year, at  The University of Calgary  She has chosen to to pursue a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science.

  Our nest is getting emptier, our son Spencer graduated in 2019 and is taking his Heavy Duty Mechanics through the Think Big Program.  His input into the business is ongoing and appreciated due to his keen perspectives.



  Our youngest, Joel, graduated in 2022 and is now a Banker.  He manages the online store from time to time and is happy to be paid with ice cream.

It's all in the journey...

2015 ~ In our first year, we were one of three winners at the University of Calgary Bookstore's Pitch day.
2016 ~ In our second year, we were invited to present our Washdollys at a gifting suite celebrating the 2016 Emmy Awards in Hollywood, CA.
2017~ In our third year, we were contacted by Kevin Harrington's office to possibly showcase Washdolly on "As seen on TV."   We were very flattered but not ready to take that step.  We continue to get great support from family, friends and our community.  A benefit that our business appreciates every day! 
2018 ~  In our fourth year, started attending Wholesale shows and was happy to see our products on store shelves.
 2019 ~  In our fifth year, we introduced My Magnetic Lashes. They were picked up by International Beauty and asked to be a vender at their yearly workshop event.

2020 ~ In our sixth year, we continue to be mentored by Barefoot Venus, a bath and body company run by three sisters. The impact of this mentorship has been priceless and present from day one. We continue to value this connection with appreciation and admiration.

2021 & 2022 ~ In our seventh and eighth year we slowed down due to the pandemic.  We took some time to think about how we could improve and what new products would compliment our line. Our effort went into introducing new packaging that would compliment your stores.  An idea we will continues to build on.

2023 ~ In our ninth¬†ÔĽŅyear,¬† we continue to introduce fun new gift bags for our Makeup Remover and Exfoliant Cloths and new ways to dress them up with charms, mini bags, paper flowers and branded ribbon.

Vision Statement:

We started Washdolly to inspire all to feel good while tidying up the environment. With one household at a time a subtle shift will make a difference in reducing disposable waste.  While our products make you feel good so will the Butterfly Effect of choosing them.