Retailer Pricing: We are considered a wholesaler and therefore, do not price restrict nor stipulate on how retailers price items within their store. We always suggest a MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) but based on their economic climate and level of overall competitiveness, they have the final say in how they choose to operate their business.  For large brands, retailers are held to a certain price point by the manufacturer but as a boutique, Canadian brand we haven't garnered the strong arm to dictate the same and to be honest, feel like the store owner should be provided with some autonomy within their own market.  As a wholesaler we operate under the principal that you play to your strengths, and we play to ours.  We don't have the inclination nor the man-power to govern our  retailers. That all being said, retailers recognize that they are competing against virtual market places as well.  

Being Exclusive: A thoughtful approach to exclusivity is important. There are many factors taken into consideration when permitting exclusivity; population, annual sales, proximity, retail demographic etc. that makes it difficult to have a fixed policy. Please call for details as each situation is different.